About the TSS Archive Project

The Hiroshima Peace Program TSS Archive Project is a peace promotion project created by TSS-TV, a local broadcasting company in Hiroshima, the first place in human history where an atomic bomb was used in warfare. This project offers special documentaries, short clips, and hibakusha testimonies online with English subtitles for the world to watch.

By putting these videos online for anyone to watch, we hope not just to realize a peaceful world free from conflict, but also to give hope for the future to those affected by war—those who have lost loved ones and whose cities have been destroyed—by showing them how Hiroshima went from utter destruction to the vibrant green city that it is today.

The mission of a broadcasting station is to spread useful information to the public. Through this project, our aim is to convey information to people in places near and far, and to entrust the world with knowledge which will be useful for our children, the leaders of tomorrow.

Someday, somewhere in the world, someone might be inspired by watching one of our videos and go on to dramatically change the future.

When faced with the choice of reconciliation or separation during a disagreement, they may choose reconciliation because they recalled the lessons of our videos. Children who watch these videos may grow up to become politicians whose decisions sway the nation.

Even if we don’t immediately see the results, we can still sow the seeds of peace for the future right now.

TSS will continue its mission to broadcast information about Hiroshima for the present and for the future.

TSS Archive Project Secretariat

Shin-Hiroshima Telecasting, Co.

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