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TSS Archive Project
University of Idaho & TSS Joint Project

Aired on August 29, 2023

『The 'Promise' Between Hiroshima Survivors and American College Students –
Translating Keiko's Kamishibai into English』

TV Shin Hiroshima (TSS), a broadcaster in Hiroshima has been producing peace-related programs with the goal of realizing nuclear abolition and peace. In a collaboration with the University of Idaho (Idaho, USA), TSS has produced an English version of a news report (broadcast in Hiroshima Prefecture on August 29, 2023) on the exchange between Keiko Ogura, an atomic bomb survivor, and students at the University of Idaho. An English version will be produced and distributed to the world through the "Hiroshima Peace Program TSS Archive Project" from October 19.

Last year, Ms. Keiko Ogura visited the University of Idaho to give her testimony at the symposium called Remembering Hiroshima. The students in the Japanese language class at the university were inspired by Ms. Ogura and decided to translate a picture card story (kamishibai) based on her experience when the atomic bomb dropped. Azusa Tojo, a Japanese language teacher at the University of Idaho, translated this news report that features her students’ peace project and their journey in Hiroshima. Our website will be added to the University of Idaho‘s website and our hope for this collaboration is that people from all over the world will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of nuclear weapons and the importance of working together towards a more peaceful world.

Azusa Tojo,
Instructor of Japanese at University of Idaho

It was a truly honor to be a part of this project and be able to translate the news report. The Japanese language students at the University of Idaho were inspired by Ms. Keiko Ogura last year and their work has inspired people from around the world. I strongly believe that no matter who we are, no matter where we come from, our hope for peace is the same. We can all take the hibakusha’s baton of peace and advocate for their message to make a more peaceful world.


Azusa Tojo received her M.A. in Linguistics Studies and Certificate of Advance Studies in Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE from Syracuse University. She has been teaching Japanese at University of Idaho since 2021.

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